Casebook for Re-Entry and Anti-Recidivism

Casebook for Anti-Recidivism & ReEntry Services

Casebook’s platform is a perfect solution suite of secure support tools for organizations working in critical social services for Re-Entry and Anti-Recidivism. Download the ‘Anti Recidivism Tools for Success’ to see a few features that the Casebook Platform provides for Re-Entry Professionals.

Casebook supports evidence-based practices identified to improve outcomes by the Department of Justice, including:

  • Capture documentation between judicial system and agencies prior to release
  • Build out detailed Client Profiles – recording Justice IDs, documenting the parolee’s relationship networks, entering demographic and other information
  • Track decision-making on whether parolee is eligible for their program and documenting next steps to prepare for release

Cloud-based and Mobile on Any Device – Even Offline

Work remotely from the campground, playground, or that part of the office with no signal. Our offline capability means you can work without an internet connection and Casebook will securely synchronize your data automatically when reconnected.

Cloud-based and available on any device with a web browser, Casebook was built with mobility in mind. For offline access, cb: mobile, a dedicated app where team members can go out in the field or around the facility and take notes, fill-out forms, attach documents, and collect digital signatures.

casebook software makes it easy to go anywhere
data and reports

Tell the Bigger Story with Reporting and Analysis

Create and use automated workflows to support the Facility intake process upon Parolee release. Track receipt of services from internal providers and other external community sources

Configure assessments to track parolee needs over time. Track placement changes over time as parolees step down into lower level facilities or independent living  

customizable client forms for human services
Person profile
support multiple programs

Customizable Forms

Person Profile

Per-User Pricing

Digitized forms enable a paperless workflow that fits your organization’s needs. Create and modify your own forms that automatically associate with records when needed. Attach and associate external files with records.

Attach files, view vital information, track progress and assess services, incidents and relationships for a full view of a person’s history of involvement, profile notes, application status and more.

Casebook’s per-user pricing model that enables organizations of all sizes to access enterprise-level solutions. Pay only for the number of team members using Casebook with no minimums or additional cost for cb: mobile.

Casebook brings intuitive, mobile-ready, and secure cloud-based human services software solutions to organizations on a per-user pricing model that enables organizations of all sizes to access enterprise-level solutions.

We know your community and those you serve are your priority, Casebook can help save your organization on technology costs, so you can focus on your programs, clients and mission.