Casebook Index

Increase Efficiency

Compared with legacy search options, Casebook Index provides results efficiently, reliably, and accurately using the latest tools. Caseworkers spend less time trying to find the information they need.

Improve Visibility

Casebook Index aggregates and displays existing data from legacy systems into a user-friendly Person Page providing valuable context to caseworkers.

Modernize Legacy

Casebook Index integrates with the Casebook Platform as well as your legacy system. Get the benefits of a modern user experience and improved search while keeping your current system of record.


Legacy systems contain volumes of information but can be difficult to search and report from. Caseworkers can search quickly and reliably through Casebook Index, powered by the Elasticsearch service.
  • Single search with multiple criteria
  • Fresh data from legacy system
  • Filterable results


Information about the person from your system of record can be aggregated and displayed on our Person Page
  • “One-stop” complete view of person
  • Contextual display of available legacy information
  • Helps caseworkers find the correct person faster


Your existing system hits our existing endpoints to populate and update the data in our search service.
  • Straightforward integration
  • Existing legacy data populates and updates our search service
  • Robust APIs accept information regardless of underlying database structure

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