The Casebook Platform


The Casebook PBC team monitors Federal regulations and incorporates mandated changes in regularly scheduled updates at no additional cost to the customer.


The Casebook Platform puts individuals and their social network at the center of every action a worker takes. A 360º view of the client provides context that helps caseworkers improve outcomes.


Casebook Platform’s API-first approach means data interoperability is possible with nearly any third-party application or service. 
For decades, human service agencies and providers have had to rely on software solutions built primarily for compliance reporting and basic record keeping. In today’s drive toward better outcomes, these older systems can’t keep pace.
What’s needed instead are human-centered, outcome-focused solutions designed to support human service professionals in their daily work—solutions that empower them to support the most vulnerable members of our society.
Casebook is the first platform developed hand in hand with caseworkers and purpose-built for human services. With modular support for both field and back-office operations — and flexible integration capabilities right out of the box — Casebook helps agencies tailor, deploy, integrate and continuously improve solutions that allow the focus to remain on the mission rather than the technology.

 Turning best practices into software

Built with input from hundreds of seasoned human service professionals, Casebook’s patented network diagram puts critical information in front of caseworkers when they need it most. Research-influenced metrics provide immediate guidance on important decisions, supporting workers and promoting better outcomes.

Non-linear workflows enable users to switch context without losing their work, whether it’s to field a question about another case or to write notes about an unplanned phone call. Casebook works just the way experienced professionals do, supporting its users every step of the way.

Casebook mobile solutions for human services

Modular to the core

Casebook business applications and solutions focus on key processes in human services and support multiple program areas. Rather than relying on transferring code from another State or trying to repurpose a sale or financial platform to support the unique needs of human services, Casebook accellerates projects by providing configurable business applications that are purpose-built to support workers in areas like intake, investigations, assessments, case planning, licensing and more.
As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Casebook enables all its users to benefit readily from enhancements and new features, dramatically shortening the time and effort needed to deploy new releases. Our Solutions as a Service, like Casebook for Provider Management and Casebook Child Welfare combine multiple business applications to create an end-to-end intelligent information system.
Alternately, Casebook business applications such as cb: Intake or cb: Track can be implemented as part of a larger system of record, with bi-directional, real-time integration enabled out of the box.
With its sharp focus on data quality, modularity and a sound user experience, Casebook offers a highly reliable solution portfolio that can be blended with existing legacy systems or implemented as a standalone offering. As a solution platform, it can also be adapted and customized through standard agile techniques—because in an area as complex as human services, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Field tested and award winning

Since 2012, Casebook has served as a core element of the Indiana’s Department of Child Services’ MaGIK system, translating research-influenced metrics into best practices.
Our ground-breaking user interface has been awarded Code for America’s Technology Award and UX Magazine’s International Design for Experience Award.

Stevie Business Awards

2018 Startup of the Year

Design for Experience

Public Sector Experience Winner

Code for America

Technology Awards Winner

Red Herring Top 100

2018 Technology Winner

Casebook dashboard