Casebook Security

Casebook Solutions

Casebook makes the data security of your organization a top priority.

The Casebook Platform Security follows and implements best practices for securing SaaS Application on the Cloud. Casebook’s product, technology, and data decisions are based on first validating all security standard and approaches.

The Casebook Platform has Three Tiers of Security

First Security Tier provider SaaS Platform availability, scalability, and defense against cyber and DDoS attacks. Since Casebook Platform is Cloud-native architecture, self-healing microservices, auto-scaling configuration, triple data-redundancy are all inherent.

Casebook Platform hosting network topology provides Logical Access Control. This allows complete Database lockdown, giving no internal or external party direct database access. Additionally, four layers of hosting environment networking configuration, provides open access only through the application gateway, while all other networking layers are accessible only from the internal services.