Bring it All Together

Upgrade from inefficient data silos and disjointed data management strategies and bring all your client, case and referral information together.

From Intake to Reporting, Track what’s Important.

Configure Casebook to support the way you actually work and track exactly what matters. Securely manage documentation, referrals, and case notes from intake to reporting seamlessly from a central location. 

Paperless is Now Possible

No more roadblocks, spreadsheets, or security issues that coincide with paper documents. Casebook is available on any browser-based device. Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or Android device.

Struggling to keep track of documentation? Clients and referral providers can securely send you important documents from any device and have them sent directly into cases. 

Set “Staying on Track” to Automatic

Automate repetitive tasks, digitize forms and get the smart support you need to track progress, relationships and documentation that matters to your goals.

Intuitive and Smart Features 

Capture notes quickly, view relationships, referrals, progress tracking and case history. Casebook can be configured to work your way, and APIs allow connectivity to tools you may already use. 

Casebook is Enterprise-level Technology