Casebook for Child, Youth, and Family Service

Casebook for Child, Youth & Family Services is cloud-based human services software built to support your organization’s mission. Our purpose-built technology powers your program delivery, client or member services, and service facilities.

Our Child, Youth & Family Services software enables your team to effectively provide services by assessing needs, tracking people or services, intake, reporting, and program management on mobile-ready software available on any device – because we know your team isn’t always sitting behind a desk. 

Tell the Bigger Story with Reporting and Analysis

Get actionable data and pull reports quickly, so you can focus on your mission and share your organization’s story with funders and grant sources. Organize and visualize your data to track essential service or client metics.

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Casebook Security 2022

Casebook Secures Your Data

Casebook PBC follows the appropriate practices and policies to meet the standards of HIPAA, SOC2 Audit and HiTech.

Within the platform, all data is encrypted in transit. The Casebook platform also encrypts data at rest with limited usage of cache and CDN capabilities.

The Casebook platform currently supports a dozen different out-of-the-box user roles, including read-only users.

Focus on Those You Serve and Save Time on Administration

Intuitive functionality and effective user design empowers your team to focus on the community you serve and not worry about your software or data system. Automated notifications, administrative permissions, and custom forms support your processes – with the ability to quickly adapt to needs.

customizable client forms for human services

Customizable Forms

Digitized forms enable a paperless workflow that fits your organization’s needs. Create and modify your own forms that automatically associate with records when needed. Attach and associate external files with records.

Person profile

Person Profile

Attach files, view vital information, track progress and assess services, incidents and relationships for a full view of a person’s history of involvement, profile notes, application status and more.

support multiple programs

Per-User Pricing

Casebook’s per-user pricing model that enables organizations of all sizes to access enterprise-level solutions.Pay only for the number of team members using Casebook with no minimums or additional cost for using Casebook on mobile devices.

Casebook is the platform for human services - a cloud-based software solution

Casebook brings intuitive, mobile-ready, and secure cloud-based human services software solutions to organizations on a per-user pricing model that enables organizations of all sizes to access enterprise-level solutions. We know your community and those you serve are your priority, Casebook can help save your organization on technology costs, so you can focus on your programs, clients and mission.

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