Casebook Child Welfare

cb: intake

cb: intake

 Capture complaints and service requests with a flexible, AI-enabled interface.

social services software b:track for provider management

cb: track

Manage provider licensing, tasks, files, documents, as well as paper and digital forms.

cb: investigate

cb: investigate

 Investigate claims of abuse and neglect or other hotline-reported incidents. 

cb: admin

Enables organizations to administer and configure Casebook to their unique needs.

cb: plan

cb: plan

 Person-centric Case Management for planning services, monitoring placement, note taking, and document uploading. 

mobility software for social services software

cb: mobile

Empowers users with an integrated mobile solution and consistent experience regardless of internet connection.

The Casebook Child Welfare solution-as-a-service is purpose-built for human services and runs on the secure and always-available Casebook Cloud.

Casebook gives government and non-profit organizations the power to implement a configurable system that can meet their unique needs. Rather than repurposing a sales-focused CRM or building a new system from scratch, Casebook clients start with the common building blocks of a human services system – business applications that address intake, investigation & assessment, case management, provider management, eligibility and other key business processes. 


In addition to our software, expert consulting services are available through our team and partner network. Casebook’s Greenlight and Lightspeed implementation methodologies help new clients make the most of their transition to a truly modern child welfare system.

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Built for Child Welfare Practitioners

Casebook was originally incubated by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a national leader in improving outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk youth and their families. Casebook | Child Welfare was built with input from agencies across the country and is the first modern Child Welfare system granted a COTS waiver by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).
Person-centric Child Welfare solution

CCWIS and Federal Reporting-ready

Casebook collects all data required for AFCARS, NYTD and NCANDS reporting, for ease of extract to enable administrators to prepare files for Federal submission easily.

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Casebook for Child Welfare is built on our API-first platform, enabling integration with virtually any other system across any program area. Used both for data conversion and ongoing data interoperability, the robust API enables data conversion from legacy systems. Already have a Case Management system but would like to use Casebook for Intake and Provider Management? Casebook APIs make this happen. 

Purpose-built Features Built Into Every Business Application.

System of Record

Built to support effective data collection and evaluation beyond standard tracking.


The elements can be blended in various combinations, allowing flexibility to create a solution based on your needs.

Bidirectional Data Exchange

Automates the exchange and simplifies the process of linking data across partners.

External System Data

Interoperability layer uses industry-standard RESTful web services to simplify the exchange of data.

Data Quality

Ease of capturing narrative & structure info in a non-linear workflow, eliminating duplication and increasing value to the user.

Cost Efficient

Common standards and modular design supports the separation of business rules from core programming.

cb: investigate

cb: investigate

Investigate claims and other hotline-reported incidents. Note-taking and document uploading with offline capabilities.

    Solution Features

  • Built-in and user-configurable risk assessments and structured decision making tools
  • Easily navigable, auto-populated histories of prior involvement
  • A powerful Person Search facility, powered by the Casebook Index service, which minimizes duplicate entries and allows for easy reuse of previously involved parties
  • Configurable workflows to manage timeliness checkpoints and mandated resolution times
  • Natural language processing
  • Configurable workflows to manage timeliness checkpoints and mandated resolution times
  • Management of mandated contacts
  • Notifications, reminders and other team collaboration tools
  • Drag-and-drop management of multimedia evidence files (photos, videos, audio etc.)
  • Tracking of court dates, orders and documents
  • Service coordination
  • Risk, safety and other assessments
  • Safety plans
  • Management of removals and placements during the investigation phase
  • Configurable decision rules regarding escalation and supervisory approvals
  • Full documentation of findings and dispositions, including the ability to produce an investigation
  • Documents of various types
  • Audit trails
  • Generation of a child protective index to support external background checks
casebook intake search

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