Public Safety Social Work Software

With your active presence in the field, the ability to swiftly access data without the need to return to the office is essential. This demands intuitive software that can be easily configured to cater to the distinctive demands of public safety social work.

Configurable and Mobile Public Safety Social Work Software

Effectively manage your cases, case notes and reports in one easy place.

If you’re a social worker embedded in or referred by law enforcement agencies, courts, and fire and EMS response units, having a dedicated information system to keep your client data confidential is a must. If you work in the field, you need quick and easy access to this data without having to go to the office when you want to see it. To accomplish this, you need intuitive software that can be configured for this unique kind of social work. 


This is Casebook, a scalable and mobile-ready public safety social work software that’s purpose-built for human services yet configures to your unique needs. 

This is a configurable platform overview. 

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Optimize Your Case Management System

When you’re a social worker aligned with law enforcement agencies, courts, and fire and EMS response units, safeguarding client data confidentiality is of utmost importance. With your dynamic presence in the field, quick data access without office visits is essential. Our software’s flexibility lets you tailor it to your unique social work needs.

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Get Rid of Paper Documents

Reduce your reliance on physical notes, forms, and files. Our intuitive platform simplifies documentation while securing your information so your team can stop worrying about carrying around a pile of folders and maintaining cabinets full of paper.
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Maintain Compliance With Security Frameworks

Observe the key regulations that ensure data privacy. Our secure software enables you to stay compliant with HIPAA and PIPEDA while keeping your client information safely locked away and separated from other databases.

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Simplify Reporting Processes

Pull the reports that you need for grant funders and controlling agencies without having to spend weeks preparing them. Built-in analytics and reporting features make it possible for you to assemble these reports with just a few clicks.

Work From Anywhere

Access your client information in or out of the office so you don’t have to spend time sitting at a desk. Our secure, cloud-based SaaS keeps client data confidential as you and your team enjoy the freedom of working from your mobile devices.
Case Study

Discover how the LPD transformed social work case management through digitization.

See how “Casebook’s straightforward interface and flexibility are significant advantages for social workers who spend a lot of time in the field.”

Lansing Michigan Police

Integrated Features for Better Public Safety Social Work

Manage your cases on your mobile device wherever there’s an internet connection. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform can be accessed whenever you want, eliminating the need to spend your time rushing in and out of the office.

Maintain your clients’ privacy by storing their information in a securely segregated digital environment. Our social worker software gives you all the controls you need to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and other data security frameworks.

Get the most out of your data with intuitive dashboards that make your information simple to read and understand. Customize your reports with our interactive reporting tool and easily present your data to controlling agencies and grant funders.

Document client interactions and service deliveries with our software’s Notebook tool. You can easily record your case notes directly in our platform or even externally with the Email into Case feature so your information is always up-to-date.

Set up features for data entry, form creation, and workflows during software configuration. Casebook’s implementation specialists help you conform our platform according to your needs so you can manage your clients more effectively.

"User Friendly Case Management Software"

“Tracking cases, services and providing the monthly data for supervisors and grant requirements.”

Kevin B.

Lancaster City Schools – District Social Worker & Supervisor

"Casebook is a game changer"

“We are able to store all client data, emails are linked to our cases and we are easily able to access information for 3rd party requests.”

Shannon Wegner

Arrows Family Services – Executive Director

"Easy to Use"

“I have a secure place to store all of my client files.”

Brianna Racchini

Triad Ladder of Hope – Executive Director

"Casebook is amazing"

“The advantage of using Casebook is that you will capture data on all of your clients smoothly and effectively.”

Warren C. R.

RPS Counselor

"Casebook is the best"

“The customer service is amazing and the platform is user friendly”

Daphine Jack

The Prevention Zone – CEO

See What Our Loyal Customers Say

“Casebook is a game changer”

Shannon Wegner

Arrows Family Services – Executive Director

Discover the Transformative Power Casebook Can Provide to Your Organization

Casebook can be used by social workers, and other human services professionals in both public sector and nonprofit organizations serving their communities.


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