Crime Diversion,
Reform & Re-Entry

Casebook’s platform stands ready to make a lasting impact, reshaping the lives of individuals seeking a fresh start after incarceration. We are a proven solution for organizations working in critical social services for re-entry and anti-recidivism.

Configurable Crime Diversion, Reform & Re-Entry, Software

Effectively manage your cases, clients, case notes and reports in one easy place.

Equip your team with the best technology for social work case management. Casebook makes it easier for nonprofit, private sector, and public organizations to fulfill their missions and deliver better client outcomes.

This is Casebook, a scalable and mobile-ready Re-entry and anti-recidivism program case management software that’s purpose-built for human services yet configures to your unique needs. 

Streamline your Re-entry and Anti-Recidivism Program and Case Management Software

Casebook supports evidence-based practices identified to improve outcomes by the Department of Justice

casebook human services software

Reliable Data Quality

Enhanced user interface features promote the ease of capturing information in a non-linear workflow, reducing duplicate data and speeding entry through an intuitive experience.


Connects to External System Data

Interoperability layer uses industry-standard RESTful web services to simplify the exchange of data giving organizations greater flexibility in leveraging their solutions.

casebook reporting software for human services.

Bidirectional Data Exchange

Automates the exchange and simplifies the process of linking data across partners.

casebook reporting for human and social services

Configurable Reporting

Generate robust reports for internal and external stakeholders.

casebook software for schools

Central System of Record

  • Reforming and Strengthening Halfway Houses
  • Prioritizing Mental Health Treatment
  • Ensuring Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Staying Connected with Families
  • Identifying Criminogenic Needs
  • Helping Inmates get Government Issued IDs

Cost Efficient

With a flexible per-user pricing model we make it easy to control costs and scale to your exact needs.

Casebook human services software communication tools


Built on our API-first platform, enabling integration with other systems across multiple program areas. Used both for implementation and ongoing data interoperability, the robust API enables data conversion from legacy systems.


Team sizes change, and for growth flexibility is essential, so we’ve made it simple to scale your users up or down or change user permissions with ease.

See What Casebook Can Help You Accomplish

Our purpose-built platform is preset with about 80 percent of what your organization would need out of the box, enabling you to configure the rest so you can effectively manage your clients according to your organization’s mission.

Organize and manage services, clients, and case data with a human services solution configured to your child welfare organization’s needs.

Use our application programming interface (API) to integrate with Google, Outlook, Zapier, and other platforms for your convenience. You can even have non-users send information into a case through email.

You can eliminate the hassle of paper-based systems, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure secure and easily accessible client records.

With our Forms feature, you can draft, build, and review your organization’s many forms from anywhere. Design and implement custom forms through a multistage creation process to meet the needs of your teams and clients.
Track the continuum of care your clients receive. View a list of services each client is involved in, the service providers, enrollment dates, and notes to help you understand changes and outcomes over time on an intuitive interface.

"User Friendly Case Management Software"

“Tracking cases, services and providing the monthly data for supervisors and grant requirements.”

Kevin B.

Lancaster City Schools – District Social Worker & Supervisor

"Casebook is a game changer"

“We are able to store all client data, emails are linked to our cases and we are easily able to access information for 3rd party requests.”

Shannon Wegner

Arrows Family Services – Executive Director

"Easy to Use"

“I have a secure place to store all of my client files.”

Brianna Racchini

Triad Ladder of Hope – Executive Director

"Casebook is amazing"

“The advantage of using Casebook is that you will capture data on all of your clients smoothly and effectively.”

Warren C. R.

RPS Counselor

"Casebook is the best"

“The customer service is amazing and the platform is user friendly”

Daphine Jack

The Prevention Zone – CEO

See What Our Happy Customers Say

“Casebook has not only a great platform but the best staff!”

I have not found a downside with Casebook. It is user-friendly, everyone assists me within minutes, and all my questions are answered! The team at Casebook is so friendly and helpful. I love this platform!


Darcy R.

Discover the Transformative Power Casebook Can Provide to Your Crime Diversion, Anti-recidivism ad Re-Entry Organization.


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