Crime Diversion, Reform & Re-Entry

Casebook’s platform is a perfect solution suite of secure support tools for organizations working in critical social services for Re-Entry and Anti-Recidivism. Download the ‘Anti Recidivism Tools for Success’ to see a few features that the Casebook Platform provides for Re-Entry Professionals.

Casebook supports evidence-based practices identified to improve outcomes by the Department of Justice, including:

  • Reforming and Strengthening Halfway Houses
  • Prioritizing Mental Health Treatment
  • Ensuring Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Staying Connected with Families
  • Identifying Criminogenic Needs
  • Helping Inmates get Government Issued IDs

Cloud-based and Mobile on Any Device – Even Offline

Casebook’s web based software allows you to work remotely from the campground, playground, or that part of the office with no signal. Our offline capability means you can work without an internet connection and Casebook will securely synchronize your data automatically when reconnected.

Cloud-based and available on any device with a web browser, Casebook was built with mobility in mind. 

casebook software makes it easy to go anywhere

Tell the Bigger Story with Reporting and Analysis

Get actionable data and pull reports quickly, so you can focus on your mission and share your organization’s story with funders and grant sources. Organize and visualize your data to track essential service or client metics. 

Crime Diversion, Reform & Re-Entry

Casebook brings intuitive, mobile-ready, and secure cloud-based human services software solutions to organizations on a per-user pricing model that enables organizations of all sizes to access enterprise-level solutions. We know your community and those you serve are your priority, Casebook can help save your organization on technology costs, so you can focus on your programs, clients and mission.

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