Case Management for Government Human and Social Service Agencies

Empower your agency and caseworkers  through a system of engagement, case management, and reporting that enables clients and other stakeholders.

Transform Your Government Agency’s Human Services Delivery

Effectively manage your cases, clients, case notes and reports

For agencies within local municipalities, city, county or state governments, it is crucial to have a government case management software that not only meets stringent government regulations but also caters to your specific operational needs. Casebook eliminates any concerns in this regard.

Our Government Software Solutions provide a system that is immediately deployable for most government organizations, offering standardization out of the box. Furthermore, Casebook is a versatile case management platform, designed with flexibility to accommodate customizations and additional modules to meet your particular requirements.

Casebook is developed to support the strategic goals of your state and court policies relating to reporting and licensing. It champions the principles of standardization and best practices, ensuring your agency remains focused on resource efficiency and accurate measurements.

Empower your agency and caseworkers through a system of engagement, case management, and reporting .

Streamline Your Case Management System

Increase caseworkers’ engagement with clients and reduce time spent on administrative activities.
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Centralize Client Care Information

Consolidate all of your agency’s or department’s data into one place so anyone who needs it can get access anytime. With one reliable source of truth, you can get your whole team on the same page without having to track down notes, files, emails, or texts.
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Casebook uses end-to-end encryption of data using industry standard encryption protocols to ensure data protection. The secure platform simplifies documentation while securing your information with robust administrative permissions.

Work From Anywhere

Access your client information at site visits, investigations, or anywhere outside the office. Casebook gives caseworkers ready access to the essential data, information and note-taking tools they need.

Skip Expensive Customizations

No more building your own systems of engagement or hiring developers; we offer configurable software ready to suit the exact needs of your agency.
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Standardize Reporting

Utilize powerful analytics, custom, and built-in reporting features enable you to quickly generate specific reports to help ensure your agency’s compliance and gather insights.

Solve Data Entry Errors

Cut back on human error by simplifying your data entry processes. Our platform makes your operation more efficient so you can provide better client services with greater accuracy in your team’s notes, forms, and other documents.
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Connecting Teams

By streamlining communications across departments or agencies.The platform helps agencies stay compliant, secure and efficient.


Flexibility is essential, so we’ve made it simple to scale your users up or down or change user permissions at the administrative level with ease.

Flexible Case Management for Government Agencies

Effectively manage your cases, clients, case notes and reports

We understand that the requirements of government agencies are subject to change due to new regulations, administrative shifts, fluctuating populations, and various other factors, Casebook’s government software solutions are built with scalability in mind to adapt to your evolving needs.

See What Casebook Can Help You Accomplish

Our purpose-built platform is preset with about 80 percent of what your organization would need out of the box, enabling you to configure the rest so you can effectively manage your clients according to your organization’s mission.
Make sense of your data with user-friendly dashboards that display the information that matters. Then you can create custom visual and graphical reports with our interactive report builder tool to extract meaningful insights out of your data.
Use our application programming interface (API) to integrate with Google, Outlook, Zapier, and other platforms for your convenience. You can even have non-users send information into a case through email.
Record important interactions and service deliveries with our platform’s Notebook feature. Empower your team to capture case notes intuitively and securely so they can ensure their information is true and up-to-date.
With our Forms feature, you can draft, build, and review your organization’s many forms from anywhere. Design and implement custom forms through a multistage creation process to meet the needs of your teams and clients.
Track the continuum of care your clients receive. View a list of services each client is involved in, the service providers, enrollment dates, and notes to help you understand changes and outcomes over time on an intuitive interface.

Streamline Your Case Management System

Increase caseworkers’ engagement with clients and reduce time spent on administrative activities.
“We can use Incident Report for when we receive Youth clients that are being referred from courts, coming out of Jail, coming via PD due to charges. You all have all the kind of demographics (on the Person) that we would need, so it’s great that we don’t have to build all that out!

Union County, NJ

“The most helpful thing about Casebook is the ease of use and navigation. Creating notes and tracking dates has never been something that professionals like to do but this software makes it as easy as possible.”

Kevin B.

District Supervisor & Social Work

Enhance your agency's process, manage compliance, organize operations, and simplify complexities

PA Parent and Family Alliance uses Casebook to digitize their human service delivery model.

“I like that I can see everything that’s happening with a client in Casebook. We are focusing on data entry now, but I pulled a contact (notes) and services report and I’m so happy with it” - City of Lansing Police Dept

The Lansing Police Department digitized their social work case management with Casebook.
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