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Facing daily challenges in serving your clients and community?
Designed for nonprofits and public sector entities, Casebook offers a configurable solution to boost efficiency and effectiveness. Let us help you make a greater impact.

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Centralize and streamline your client care information with Casebook. Provide a single comprehensive platform that eliminates the hassle of scattered data, enabling you to access all relevant client, case, program and provider details simply and provide seamless, coordinated care.

Say goodbye to paper documents and hello to a digital solution with Casebook. By digitizing your documentation processes, you can eliminate the hassle of paper-based systems, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure secure and easily accessible client records.
With Casebook, access your client information anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the field, working remotely, or on the go, Casebook’s cloud-based platform allows human service providers to securely access client information, ensuring continuity of care and flexibility in service delivery.
Save time and resources with Casebook’s configurable features tailored to human service providers. By offering a flexible and adaptable solution out-of-the-box, Casebook enables organizations to skip expensive customizations and start using the platform right away to achieve their goals.
Simplify your reporting processes with Casebook’s intuitive tools. Generate comprehensive reports with ease, automate data collection and analysis, and spend less time on paperwork, allowing human service providers to focus on delivering impactful services and demonstrating outcomes effectively.
Casebook helps eliminate data entry mistakes through intuitive data capture features, validations, and automated workflows, ensuring accurate and reliable information. Say goodbye to manual data entry headaches and hello to streamlined processes and improved data quality.
Foster seamless collaboration with Casebook’s integrated platform. Share information, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time, enabling effective teamwork, efficient case management, and improved client outcomes through enhanced coordination and communication.

Casebook features are built to support the needs of human service providers specifically

Say goodbye to manual reporting headaches. With Casebook’s built-in and custom reports, human service providers can easily access comprehensive data insights and generate tailored reports in a fraction of the time, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and demonstrate the impact of their services effectively.
Simplify your data collection process and eliminate paperwork overwhelm with Casebook’s intuitive form building feature. Create personalized forms specific to your organization’s needs, reducing administrative burden and allowing human service providers to focus more on what matters – delivering meaningful support to their clients.
Streamline your service planning process with Casebook’s comprehensive tools. Collaboratively develop, monitor, and adapt service plans in one centralized platform, ensuring seamless coordination, improved client outcomes, and greater flexibility in meeting evolving needs.
Casebook Case management software makes service coordination and provider services easy
Take control of your scheduling and never miss a beat. Casebook’s scheduling and notifications feature keeps human service providers organized and clients informed. Efficiently manage appointments, deadlines, and tasks while ensuring timely notifications, enabling seamless communication and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.
Say goodbye to scattered conversations and hello to streamlined workflows. Casebook’s integrated messaging and workflow features facilitate seamless information sharing, task assignments, and real-time collaboration among team members, empowering human service providers to work together efficiently and deliver coordinated, high-quality care.
Experience the ease of use with Casebook’s intuitive user experience designed specifically for human service providers. Say goodbye to steep learning curves and hello to a user-friendly platform that allows human service providers to navigate effortlessly, maximizing productivity and focusing on what they do best – providing compassionate support to those in need.

Casebook can support your Nonprofit or public sector organization

Streamline your organization’s case management process with Casebook’s powerful software solution, designed to enhance efficiency and improve outcomes for your clients.
Empower your social workers with Casebook’s comprehensive software, equipped with advanced tools and features to optimize client management, collaboration, and data analysis, enabling them to make a greater impact in their crucial work.
Enhance your community services with Casebook’s intuitive software, facilitating seamless coordination, resource allocation, and data-driven decision-making for your organization, ensuring efficient delivery of essential services to those in need.
Casebook’s specialized software for school social work empowers your team to effectively address students’ social and emotional needs, streamline communication with teachers and parents, and track progress, fostering a supportive and nurturing learning environment.
Casebook offers a comprehensive software solution tailored for youth, child, and family services, enabling your organization to provide holistic care, track milestones, manage interventions, and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes and strengthen families in need.

"User Friendly Case Management Software"

“Tracking cases, services and providing the monthly data for supervisors and grant requirements.”

Kevin B.

Lancaster City Schools – District Social Worker & Supervisor

"Casebook is a game changer"

“We are able to store all client data, emails are linked to our cases and we are easily able to access information for 3rd party requests.”

Shannon Wegner

Arrows Family Services – Executive Director

"Easy to Use"

“I have a secure place to store all of my client files.”

Brianna Racchini

Triad Ladder of Hope – Executive Director

"Casebook is amazing"

“The advantage of using Casebook is that you will capture data on all of your clients smoothly and effectively.”

Warren C. R.

RPS Counselor

"Casebook is the best"

“The customer service is amazing and the platform is user friendly”

Daphine Jack

The Prevention Zone – CEO

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“Casebook is a game changer”

Shannon Wegner

Arrows Family Services – Executive Director

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We are a configurable platform that will allow you to collect the data that matters to you. Casebook is extremely flexible, and has adapted to a wide-variety of nonprofit and public sector organizations.

Casebook provides a beautifly simplistic workflow to collect the entire continuum of care with a robust reporting tool to prove your team’s impact. You can measure end-to-end results and actually enjoy the process.

We’re hosted on the AWS Cloud which means our data is encrypted and redundant. Beyond that we’ve taken special measures to ensure our HIPAA compliance and have passed our SOC-II audit.
On the user end, we have built in restrictions that will limit users access to records they’re not supposed to see. This allows you to protect your clients data both inside and outside of the system.

To obtain Amazon’s partnership and preferred vendor status, Casebook has demonstrated to Amazon’s Well Architected Review team, that our data persistence layer, RDS architecture, and our automated nightly backup routines, will ensure minimal-to-none data loss in case of a catastrophic failure or disaster in AWS us-east-1 and ca-central-1 regions.

We have an incredibly responsive onboarding team that will seek to completely understand your workflow by meeting you and learning about your services. After the initial discovery meeting, you have 1-on-1 sessions with an onboarding coach that will walk you through the process of building your Casebook to work for you. There is also an online curriculum that teaches everything about the platform to make sure you are comfortable and well-equipped to start recording your impact.

Absolutely! Between the hours of 8am-8pm ET, our in-house customer success team members will be available via our live chat functionality.

We built the Casebook platform with growth in mind. At any point that you need to add users or incorporate more of the software into your processes, you will have the control to do so.

Casebook was designed by case managers for case managers. We know the data you need and where you need it, thus we have a person-centric model that collects everything in an organized manner.

Every organization is unique, so we can’t affirm this completely across the board. We can say that we’ve taken every measure to make sure you’re saving as many trees as possible. Forms, documentation, files, notes, and more are all housed within our platform.

One of our pre-built reports covers data quality within the system. From that dashboard, you’ll be able to dive into any clerical errors and fix them.

With our data picker system in place, building reports is easier than ever! Once you choose the category of data you’re looking to collect, there is a simple drag and drop functionality that allows you to build both practical and attractive reports. After building a report, you can use it indefinitely for impact measurements and fund raising opportunities.

This is one of the best things about Casebook! Open and clear communication among team members, task and workflow management, and proper assignments are all key features within the platform.

We are cloud based, so you’ll be able to open your Casebook from anywhere you have internet access.