Casebook Mobile Apps

We’ve developed a suite of mobile apps that integrate with and streamline the administrative process from the office to field – on and offline.

Consistent Experience

A consistent user experience across desktop and mobile functionality means less training and easier onboarding. Because the Casebook Platform is designed from the ground-up for human services/social services it can help agencies improve practice with the data they collect.


Rather than just duplicating desktop functionality, Casebook’s Product Development team worked with social services workers to understand how they spend their time when away from the office. Casebook Platform mobile apps put that key functionality front and center for ease of use in the field.

Offline Ready

No signal? No problem.
Casebook Platform mobile applications run with or without an internet connection. When a worker returns the device to a coverage area (3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi), data is uploaded back to the secure cloud.

Helps workers in the field while online…

While online, Casebook employs a responsive design framework, which means that it detects and conforms to the form factor and capabilities of the device being used to access it. If the user is holding a tablet, web pages are automatically adjusted to fit the dimensions and capabilities of that device; Casebook can even be run on a smartphone.
This functionality means Casebook case be accessed from iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or devices running any other OS, as long as there is a web browser that supports HTML5 (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer) and an internet connection.

…and offline.

Casebook Mobile for iOS or Android increases an investigator’s ability to work in the field by providing offline access and data collection. Users have view and make updates to their key assigned work.
A tablet or mobile phone can be used to collect notes, photos and other information without a data connection.  When the connection is restored the mobile app synchronizes with the Casebook Cloud automatically, helping to increase accuracy and decrease data entry lag.

Casebook Evaluate: Mobile for Licensing

Casebook License mobile apps allow users to see applications assigned to them, complete and submit inspections – even allowing submission into an existing “system of record” like a Child Welfare or Provider Management system.
Mobile apps may be used for a variety of licensing processes including foster homes, child & adult care centers, residential resources, treatment facilities or other person or facility-based licensees.
Casebook License provides workers with desktop and mobile dashboards that help to prioritize their workload by due date or geographical proximity. 
Mobility options