cb Track

Enables human service organizations to effectively manage and track provider licensing, tasks, files, documents, as well as paper and digital forms.

Onboarding  |  Licensing  |  Inspections  |  Management

Intuitive functionality with end to end tracking

cb Track supports efficient and thorough onboarding of new providers, inspection, licensure, and a variety of other functions needed by organizations.

cb Track Overview

Always Have Access to the Right Data

cb Track provides agencies and organizations the ability to track applications, assign licensing cases and record ongoing inspections for compliance and license maintenance. 

Workers can work while they’re in the field or back in the office. Casebook enables organizations to modernize their existing technology with features like offline functionality, file uploads and a person-centric data model focused on human services that can help improve existing processes such as inspections, corrective action plans, onboarding and incident reporting.

System notifications alert staff to new assignments, missing information or licensing status changes.

Increase Efficiency with Mobility

cb Track includes the business app, cb Mobile which is included with each Casebook Solution. cb mobile allows users to see applications assigned to them, complete and submit inspections.

cb Mobile may be used for a variety of licensing programs including foster homes, child & adult care centers, residential resources, treatment facilities, or other programs that rely on licensed persons or facilities. Features like geographical-based prioritization and routing help workers do the right thing at the right time. 

provider management solutions for all social services agencies and nonprofits

Scalable and Purpose-built for Human Services Agencies and Nonprofits of all Sizes

The Casebook solutions can help agencies and nonprofit organizations across human services. Casebook Platform and is configurable and scalable, ready to serve the smallest nonprofit or largest government agencies with speed, security, and reliability.

Supports Critical
Business Functions

• Task management and calendaring
• Applicant onboarding
• Licensing, inspections and home studies
• Works with our without an internet connection while in the field
• Configurable to meet your changing policies and best practices
• Real-time dashboard and reporting for quick access to data
• Data interoperability with nearly any other system via API