Casebook Provider Management

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Designed in partnership with practitioners and experts from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casebook Provider Management supports practical workflows and collects data agencies need to improve outcomes through technology.


The Casebook Platform’s connectivity service layer enables real time, bi-directional exchange of information on people, placements, providers and a host of other licensing data components via API.


Seamlessly integrated mobile access enables workers in the field with an iOS or Android device. Start a license application or conduct inspections offline and synchronize automatically when reconnected.
Casebook Provider Management supports efficient and thorough onboarding of new providers, inspection and relicensure of existing providers, intake and assessment of complaints and incidents and a variety of other functions needed by agencies responsible for licensing facilities and home-based licensees like foster homes and child care centers.
The Casebook Platform’s API layer, along with configurable forms and workflows, make moving away from legacy information systems and paper forms a reality.

Always have access to the right data

Casebook License, part of Provider Management, provides agencies the ability to track applications, assign licensing cases and record ongoing inspections for compliance and license maintenance. 
Case workers can record corrective action plans and upload files such as home studies, photos and necessary compliance documents.
System notifications alert staff to new assignments, missing information or licensing status changes.

Increase efficiency with mobility

Casebook License mobile apps allow users to see applications assigned to them, complete and submit inspections – even allowing submission into an existing “system of record” like a Child Welfare or Provider Management system.
Mobile apps may be used for a variety of licensing processes including foster homes, child & adult care centers, residential resources, treatment facilities or other person or facility-based licensees.
Casebook License provides workers with desktop and mobile dashboards that help to prioritize their workload by due date or geographical proximity. 

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