Configurable Client & Case Management Software for LGBTQA+ Services

Do you struggle with fragmented client information and the complexities of managing cases?

You’re not alone. Many non-profit organizations find it challenging to get a complete picture of their clients’ interactions over time. 

Casebook offers organizations focusing on LGBTQA+ case management, services and programs a comprehensive perspective on clients, capturing multiple interactions over time and enabling detailed reporting on these engagements. 

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MAX Ottawa
Equality Texas
Outfront Minnesota
Youth Pride Inc
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See Casebook in Action

Customized Case Management for LGBTQA+ Services

To truly serve your community, you must deeply understand and address their varied needs. Turn to Casebook for an efficient solution in capturing intersectional insights, family interactions, and resolving documentation concerns.

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In-depth Insights into Your Client’s Journey

Effortlessly manage and monitor relationships, support networks, and service touchpoints — all under one umbrella. Custom reports mean you can track what you need.

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Swift Integration & User-Friendly Experience

you can onboard in record time and navigate effortlessly. Say goodbye to tech hurdles and hello to efficiency.

Economical, Adaptable & Scalable

Embrace an affordable solution tailored to fit your agency’s needs. Whether you’re a small team or a large organization.

Built For Human Service Providers

Designed with agencies like yours in mind, Casebook bridges the gap by offering an all-inclusive view of individual journeys. With our tool, CBOs and other organizations can not only streamline service delivery but also catalyze positive change in the lives of the homeless.

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Configurable Platform

Adapt Casebook to your goals and skip expensive customization with a flexible and adaptable out-of-the-box solution.

Built-In & Custom Reports

Easily access comprehensive data insights and generate tailored reports in a fraction of the time.

Form Building

Reduce administrative burden and create personalized forms specific to your organization’s needs.

Service Planning

Streamline service planning with a set of comprehensive tools to develop, monitor, and adapt your service plans in one place.


Seamlessly share information, assign tasks, and collaborate in real-time with integrated messaging and workflows.

User & Pricing Scalability

Select the number of users and capabilities that makes sense for your organization, ensuring you fit your needs and budget.

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Diverse needs, one solution to bring it all together.

Why Choose Casebook

See how Casebook has helped improve outcomes for organizations.


“Casebook is a powerful tool for us to be able to keep track of the families we work with. I can set tasks for myself or others on our team to help us manage our workload. | am able to document personal information and log case notes in 0 central location, something that we weren’t able to do before. It’s really wonderful.”

Rhonda Clark

Community Manager

“Casebook] is a breath of fresh air. It is an easy software to use once you get acclimated. The web application and the mobile application are identical. I like the way it tracks things and [relates] people…lt’s improved our infrastructure as an organization especially as we are [at] the top tier in what we do. It allows us to stand out.”

Richard Robinson

Project Coordinator
Life Anew Restorative Justice

Bring It All Together

The intricacies of serving your community are multifaceted, yet your client and case management can be seamless. With Casebook, elevate your capability to understand, advocate for, and uplift every unique individual you serve.