Casebook Onboarding

On average, implementation with Casebook takes about 2 months compared to 6 months or more for competitive solutions. Why? Because Casebook isn’t customized, it’s configured. Casebook’s experts will help you and your team configure Casebook to meet your needs.
How will you implement Casebook?
In a few sessions with our onboarding specialists, we’ll map your top goals to Casebook and give you tips and assignments to enable you to configure and prepare Casebook for use by you and your teams.
Casebook onboarding
Flexible Options
Select a Plan
Changemakers $999 
Guided | $1,999 
Lightspeed $1,299 
Self-onboarding $399 
Casebook’s onboarding process
Goal & Success Definition

Select 1 to 3 key business goals to help target your onboarding

Identify measurement & data to achieve these objectives

Process Management
Advisory session with our team to guide mapping your business process to Casebook
Setting your fields, forms, workflows, users up for launch
Data Management

Whether to import historical data, Build reporting dashboards

Prepare for Launch

Invites for Online Training, Designing your internal support in conjunction with Casebook’s offerings

Casebook Technology
The Casebook platform was designed to keep important data secure so that we can safely grow with your organization
Enterprise Implementation
For organizations undertaking a large-scale technology transformation, Casebook's Custom Implementation Services can support your needs.
Enterprise implementations can include one or more of the following:
A custom implementation plan
Project management
Form development
Data import management
Integration management
Casebook's team will work with you and your Project Management Office (PMO) to successfully launch Casebook in the most complex environments.
Additional Services & Training Options Available
Build, Test & Publish 5 Simple Forms
Build, Test & Publish 1 Simple Form
Build, Test & Publish 1 Advanced Form
Estimation, Building & Publishing Form
4 Hrs Training & support sessions for customers who want to import data
3 Hrs support customer import efforts
Estimation, Data Mapping, & Importing Data
In depth Reporting demo, how to build basic and advanced reports and define which reports need to be developed
Build, test 1 Report
Add 8 Hours Lead BA
1 Hr Live Casebook Software Training
Build and test 1 workflow
2 Hr Live Casebook Software Training OR Training Planning
Review Reporting needs, define & build up to 5 reports.
Add 8 Hours Onboarding Specialist