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Why Choose Casebook? 

Most information management software isn’t made for human services; Casebook is built hand-in-hand with human services professionals, we understand the information you need to track and access on a daily basis, and we’ve based our entire platform around it. 

Casebook is the Platform for Human & Social Services


Our platform is built to work like you do, letting you switch gears to field a question about another case or write notes about an unplanned call, then jump back into the previous task without losing your place.


Casebook compiles all of the information about a client in one central hub, giving you a complete view of their interactions, relationships, needs, and more. This helps you make decisions based on the whole person, not just the data points.


Casebook is adaptable, meaning you can configure which information is front and center, what alerts you want to receive, and effectively manage clients from intake, through tracking or case management and produce quick and robust reports.

Casebook supports best practices and supports changes


Your “office” may be more mobile than ever. Casebook is built to work on any web browser enabled device. You can access Casebook from a phone, tablet, mac or pc.


Data security is at the forefront. Security protocols for Casebook software are developed to keep in mind all necessary compliance requirements.

Per-user Pricing

Pricing built to fit your needs and organization size. Per-user pricing allows organizations of all sizes access to enterprise-level solutions, and can help reduce expenses related to maintaining antiquated systems.

Casebook makes it easier to collaborate on a case.

No more keeping track of who has which file. All of the info you track is stored in the Cloud, allowing you to collaborate with your team whether you’re in the office, working from home, or in the field. 

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Always ready and on any device - Casebook is ready to engage

Casebook keeps your data secure.

Papers and folders can be easily dropped or accidentally left behind, meaning anyone can see your clients’ protected info. By removing the need for paper tracking, and placing system security at the forefront, Casebook makes sure client data is accessible by only the right people.

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Casebook keeps the focus on the person, not the case number. 

Data means nothing if it’s not put into context. With Casebook, you can get a complete picture of a person’s family interactions, resources used, needs and more, all in one easily searchable person profile. When you understand the whole person, you can make more informed decisions. 

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the focus is on James, his family and support network
Casebook is Enterprise-level Technology

Casebook is powerful technology made affordable.

Casebook’s flexible per-user pricing makes it possible for organizations of any size to have access to enterprise-level solutions.

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Engage with people, not files and folders. 

Anna from Casebook believes in engaging with her clients, not just files and folders

Features Built to Engage

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Casebook was born of the need to create better software for the helpers.


Casebook platform was created in response to the frustration among human services professionals who have struggled with outdated information management systems for too long. We saw the negative impact antiquated technology had on data tracking, and in turn, its impact on important policy decisions that were made based on this flawed data.

By working hand-in-hand with these professionals, we gained an in-depth understanding of the challenges they faced with the current systems — and we learned exactly how to fix them. So, we went to work.

Pulling from our collective decades of technology experience, we created Casebook to take the focus off of paperwork and make it easier for human services professionals to do what they do best: help people.