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Helping the helpers on the frontlines of human services.

Casebook is a human services and social services software platform that allows organizations to securely manage and report on data.

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“Casebook helped create that cohesiveness or one source of truth, and provided the accessibility to access this directory in the field for our team.”

Casebook Technology

The Casebook platform was designed to keep important data secure so that we can safely grow with your organization

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Case Management Software

cb Engage

cb Engage is designed to help case managers, social workers, and other case carrying workers who are on the go manage their caseloads, service referrals and external relationships.

Case Management Software

Casebook Use Cases

Foster Care & Adoption

Foster Care and adoption Services Foster Family

Our foster care and adoption software features support critical functions for foster care and adoption services. Some of these functions include:

  1. Recruiting foster or adoptive parents
  2. Document every step
  3. Tracking homes, children, and families entered into Casebook’s app

Youth & Family Services

mobile case management software

Our Youth and Family Services software enables your team to effectively provide human services those in need. This is achieved by giving you the ability to:

  1. Assess needs through custom form creation
  2. Tracking people or services
  3. Client/member intake
  4. Custom reporting on data that matters to you and your funders

Casebook is program management tool and is mobile-ready software available on any device.

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Casebook for Domestic violence and victim services

Be the beacon of hope in your community with Casebook. Our secure cloud-based software solution supports call-center services and domestic violence programs. We develop purpose-built human services software that is secure and available from any device.

Inspections & Licensing

Human Services Inspections and Licensing

Casebook’s inspection & licensing application feature support critical functions for tracking people, homes, and providers through the entire process. Recruiting, documenting, assessing, and ongoing tracking management can all be done on Casebook’s platform.

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The Casebook Difference

Tracking in Casebook
Casebook Pricing

Powerful Search

Casebook's natural language processing technology enables powerful search, filter and data association without the hassle of multiple screens or complex queries.

Per-User Pricing

This pricing model allows organizations to select the number of users they would like to use our platform. Managing data should impact your community more than your pockets.

Mobile & Offline

Our mobile and offline capabilities empowers users out in the field with an integrated app-based mobile solution. Casebook's data solutions offer consistent user experience and data security with or without an internet connection.

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